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Products & Services

Primary Aluminum Alloys
• Domestic and foreign
Secondary Aluminum Alloys
• Foundry alloys

Standard and custom specifications

• Die casting alloys
• Degassing aluminum for steel plants

EC chops, notch bar-5 lb, nuggets and shot

Brass and Bronze Ingots
• Full range of copper base and monel alloys
Zinc Aluminum Alloys
• Full range of foundry and die casting alloys
• Electrolytic cathode

Full plate and cut to size

• Chops

Heavy, medium, or fine, no. 1 or 2

Metal Additives
• Magnesium

99.8% minimum, 1 lb pieces

• Nickel cathode

Full plate and cut 1″x1″, 2″x2″ or 4″x4″

• Phosphorous copper shot

2 oz bags and loose

• Silicon

• Tin

• Tibor

5% Titanium 1% boron

• Zinc

Balls and waffles


Aluminum, Brass and Bronze

Non-ferrous Scrap

• Identified and Uniform Lots

Aluminum Bronze, Manganese Bronze

Silicon Bronze, Comp

Cupro Nickel – 70/30, 90/10

Monel, Yellow Brass

Ferrous Scrap
• 304 and 316 stainless steel




Purchasers of Non Ferrous Foundry Residues

• Drosses, gates and risers, grindings
• Scrap castings, screenings, skimmings
• Slags, spatters, spillings, turnings

Steel drums, boxes and dumpsters are provided

Iron & Steel Container Service
• 6 yards – 30 yards
Prompt deliveries and pick ups
 • Truckload and less than truckload shipments available
Spectrographic and wet analysis available upon special request
Conductivity testing available on copper and copper base alloys
Technical and practical assistance available at your facility by experienced and qualified engineers